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Dr Sarah Lantz

Dr Sarah Lantz is a somatic yoni and intimacy educator, Tantra practitioner with the Australian School of Tantra, meditation facilitator,  Somatic Trauma Release practicioner through the International Institute of Complimentary Therapists (IICT), meditation facilitator, clinical nutritionist, health educator, writer, author, mother. 
Sarah has tertiary qualifications in public and women’s health and postgraduate qualifications in clinical nutrition and environmental health. Her tertiary studies are guided by growing up in large rural farming communities, her passion for the natural world and the healing properties of whole foods – plants, herbs, fats and oils – and her awe and wonder of the human body, which has that innate ability to heal and create creation itself. 

Much of her work initial work with women has focused on the embodiment of the body and intuitive eating as a way of getting back to the innate wisdom of the body and learning to trust your body again. In this capacity, Sarah has worked with women around the world.

She is currently (and always) guided and mentored by many wise women, and continues her own growth with ongoing teachers. Sarah is currently a student in Breathwork and Shamanic Womancraft.

Sarah was awarded her PhD from the University of Melbourne and post-doctoral research fellowship from the University of Queensland and was awarded an international scholarship from the University of Sydney. Her first book was released in 2009, Chemical Free Kids: Raising Healthy Children in a Toxic World, is a bestselling publication and has gone into its third reprint. One Bite at a Time: Reduce Toxic Exposure and Eat the World You Want was released in 2017 and her latest book, Forage Ferment Feast: Tales of food and Family with Recipes for Restoring Gut Health, Connection, Healing and Wholeness was released in late 2018.

Sarah has been the ambassador for Australian Certified Organic (ACO) and the Australian Chemical Free Community, and is an active member of Slow Food Australia. She has also been an Australian delegate and presenter at Terra Madre International Slow Food Conference in Turin, Italy and continues to present nutrition, gut health, and fermentation workshops across Australia (and beyond) to engage parents and health practitioners in issues of building resiliency via whole, microbially-rich foods, and promoting practical solutions for reducing the industrial chemical burden on the body. 

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Marea Cantrill

Marea is a qualified Life Coach, certified Tantra Practitioner, she has trained in many feminine modalities including emotional processing, embodiment, womb mysteries and shadow work to name a few. She is a current student in Female Somatic Psychotherapy, and the creatress of soulSTA journey coaching. 

Marea was introduced to the feminine healing and embodiment pathway in 2016. What led to this experience was a result of holding a deep feeling of not being good enough. "...this was reflected to me everywhere.  I was heartbroken, just out of another failed relationship (again). I gave everything to love, all of myself yet relationships always ended in fights or fizzled out, often being told I was “too emotional”, my job was good but not something I felt passionate about. It felt like I was just living life on the hamster wheel." Marea was aware that the same patterns kept appearing but didn't quite know what to do about it. She was lost, not knowing who she was or what it meant to be a woman. 

"Something needed to change. And I thought that something was me. So I went off to a retreat in Bali, trying to find out how to become the woman I needed to be in order to attract love and passion into my life".

What Marea realised from this retreat and what has been unfolding ever since is that there is nothing that needs to change. "I am me and I am enough. It’s the beliefs and the lack of self love that I held around myself that was holding me back. I realised how disconnected I was to my body, my emotions, how I was playing victim to my life’s experiences. All these parts of me that I had hated for so long was impacting my health, weight, vitality, my relationship to me." Once she learnt how to process emotions and embrace these parts with love and compassion, things started to shift.

From this time, Marea has committed herself to the path of feminine embodiment. She has made it her mission to learn and experience as much as possible with regards to a women’s emotional outlook, how she makes choices, how she holds herself back from what she wants and deserves in love and life, and why she repeats negative self-talk and other patterns to reaffirm why she feels she just isn’t enough. "It isn’t easy, however in the essence of the feminine, walking this journey with someone by your side supporting and guiding you is priceless. You are not alone".  

Seeing and being seen, touching and being touched, is where freedom resides