A traditional baby shower doesn't feel right? You want something with soul to honour the sanctity of your passage into motherhood? 

A ‘Mother Blessing’ (traditionally called a Blessingway by the First Nations Navajo People) is a ritual and rite of passage into motherhood. Blessingways have historically been part of tribe life, community life, deeply ingrained, passed down from culture to culture, generation to generation, and woman to woman. The Sacred Women’s Way offers experienced facilitators to carefully craft with you a blessingway that will meet your needs. 


In a Blessingway we come together to draw on the wisdom and rituals of women who have come before us and form a circle of safety, remembrance, and love. This sacred safe space is often also needed for the witnessing and release of fears and blockages prior to birthing and mothering. Blessingways are therefore a safe, open, humbling container, and an all ‘shoulds’ cast off space for women to be and feel just as they are. For us to listen and witness other women, a reminder of our great power, and  shared experiences when women come together. 

We at the Sacred Women's Way, carefully craft and facilitate a Blessingway that can specifically meets your needs. This is your day, so we will help you design a ceremony that honours you, your journey and your women guests.

There are many rituals and ceremonial blessings that you can include at your Blessingway:

  •  Guided meditations                                    

  • 'Letting Go' Ceremony 

  • Smudging and cleansing rituals

  • Henna art

  • Prayer

  • Affirmation making

  • Crafting flower garlands 

  • A red thread ritual that connects your women guests and links you all in a safe container in preparation for  birthing

  • Candle Blessings

  • Birth Art 

  • Sharing food 

  • Setting up support tree 

  • Beaded jewellery ceremony

  • And many more….

*Women who are unable to be physically present at the Blessingway may want to send a bead, prayer or a blessing ahead of time to be offered at the Blessingway.



Includes a beautiful and sacred alter arrangement set-up, invitations, materials and facilitation

Timing: 2-3hr facilitation for up to 20 women

Location: Your home or home of a friend for family member or local hall are often used. Somewhere quiet and nurturing.


After seeking an empowered natural birthing experience it seemed only fitting to have a traditional Blessingway. Having Sarah hold space for me and the women in my life, at such a vulnerable and deep feminine time, allowed a bond of love and trust to surround me and my baby. A beautiful and sacred rebirthing for me as a woman and mother...


Before the birth of my second child the Blessingway given by my women circle helped me to centre and gave me clarity on what I wanted from my birth experience. During the meditation ceremony, the energy of these wonderful women helped me feel the love and warmth of my mother and sisters all the way from France. Thankyou.


What can I blew my mind. Beautifully facilitated, honouring, soulful...and completely unexpected. I want this for every woman on their birth journey. As a lawyer I didn't give myself a whole lot of time to prepare for becoming a mother, but this ceremony grounded me to my very core and connected me to my baby and the support around me. So grateful and blessed.