Awaken & Heal the Seat of your Soul

For most women, we do not know what it feels like to have a fully healed, whole yoni – to live in bliss, with pleasure, creativity, abundance, choice. We more often than not live with a closed, numb, and untrusting yoni. We often carry shame and wounds, a collective history of criticism, judgement and abuse, a media that says our Yoni’s must look a specific way. When women (you) heal your yoni, you heal the collective yoni…the collective consciousness of women. That is our work and our intention of this sacred , intimate workshop. To begin the gentle process of unfolding your own relationship with your yoni and seeing what needs to be healed, to sit in stillness and meditation and listen to the whispers of your yoni’s voice. This is the journey to begin to heal ALL, opening to the ancient hidden mysteries of the yoniverse, feel more connection, sensation, pleasure and sexual energy.


 'The way we view our yoni, is the way we view the world.' 

Why all women need to enter the Yoniverse

​For most women, we do not know what it feels like to have a fully healed, whole, sensual, activated yoni. More often than not live with a closed, numb, untrusting yoni…and for good reason. Most women carry shame and wounds, a collective history of abuse, have grown up with a media that says our Yoni’s must look a specific way, experienced criticism and judgement, birth trauma, miscarriage, abortion, and medical interventions. And in a culture where conscious sex and intimacy is not the mainstay and real sexual education is wanting….is it any wonder that many of us find that our sensuality and sexuality has not had the right soil in which to blossom? Consequently, our yoni has lost her capacity to feel the full breadth of bliss, pleasure amd wholeness that is available to us. Until now.

 ‘The Sacred Women’s Way Yoniverse was wonderful for my soul. It was a beautiful day of connection to myself and other women in a nurturing and gentle way. Sarah is an amazing facilitator who assisted us, as women, to realign with what’s important – full embodiment whilst honouring our feminine energies’. Cassie Hower


This unique body of work is a hands-on guided practice in the uniquely feminine modality globally celebrated as Sacred Women's Awakening & Healing, steeped in the safety of sisterhood. It’s designed and created by women, for women. 

This nurturing and honouring workshop connects you back to your body and unlocks the potential of who you are at the core of your divine feminine potential. 

The embodiment practices in this workshop give women the opportunity to experience a deeper connection to themselves and their holy yoni temple, the place of wisdom, creativity and intuition in present, loving, and empowering way.

 Without a deep ability to feel pleasure, women become disconnected from the full expression of their vitality – their life, the strength of their feminine essence. This workshop is a nurturing, invigorating mix of ritual, initiation, meditation, embodiment practices, group exploration, and solo investigation in a beautiful, safe space. 

Enter the Yoniverse Workshop and experience:

  • Embodiment practices ro connect you with your yoni, your body and your sacred feminine essence

  • Discussion about the real anatomy of the Yoni (the stuff we didn't get taught in school)

  • Beginning the journey of healing trauma and wounds connected with your Yoni

  • Connection with the authentic, soft voice of your yoni.

  • Opening to the anatomy of pleasure and awaken your innate and authentic sensuality and sexuality

  • Cultivating more creative and sexual energy, passion, desire and vitality

  • Embodying a practice of self-care and self-love

  • Unlocking magnetic feminine power 

  • Developing a deeper intimacy and connection with yourself 

  • Enjoying a space where the Yoni is demystified, and conversations are honest, open and engaging in a safe container of sisters.

A healed yoni is a yoni that knows when to open, when to surrender into bliss, and when to put up boundaries. 


Yoni is a sanskrit word that refers to the entire  reproductive region of a woman - pelvic bowl containing her womb, cervix, vaginal canal, vulva, perineum,  nerves, soft tissue,  bone structures that mark the territory, her physicality and all the energetics of her. It's a word that hasn't been disrespected throughout history and for most of us has no negative connotations. 


womb, uterus, vagina, vulva / divine passage, sacred temple /fountain, receptacle / abode, home, nest, stable, source /

'female genitalia regarded as the divine palace of sexual pleasure and the matrix of generation' /

an object/ stylised representation of the vulva symbolising the generative power of the goddess shakti used for puja/ritual

The Buddha himself once said:

‘Buddha Tvam Yosityonisamasritam’


In Sanskrit this reads:


‘Enlightenment is in the female sexual organ(s)’


Or as I prefer to put it:


‘Enlightenment is in your Yoni.’


Just saying. 


This workshop is for all women who feel ready for a greater and deeper connection to self - your soul, your sensuality, your body and your innate sensual energy.

We are ready to support you in diving deep into your self, and healing all that is in the way of what you desire. This is soul-deep work that will cause positive ripples into every area of your life…
The workshop offers the opportunity to reconnect with the feminine self that naturally and innately resides in your body and to find a new place of safety, trust and surrender. There is also a safe and tender space to begin seeing and healing those parts of yourself that feel wounded and betrayed - to release all that which is not serving you and limiting your soul’s deepest intimate desires.