As women, we are carriers…of deep knowledge, wisdom, unconditional love, innate healing abilities. We are also the carriers of unprocessed energy of past relationships, pregnancies, miscarriages, abortions, births, surgeries, physical injury, or ancestral wounds of the past. Our womb spaces can be left with a deep need to be held in safety, to tell their story, to be honored and revered for all she has experienced. This is where healing happens - in the telling... in the being received. This transformative Women's Retreat invites in all those parts of ourselves not aligned to divine love and truth to surface so that we can feel and release them and move into an even greater alignment to the universal laws of love and truth and thus the evolution of our soul. Facing these show parts of ourselves with love and compassion can purify and open our heart. We do this through embodiment practices including cultivate Shakti – life force energy,  and Shamanic Breathwork – where every breath we take is sacred and has the power to open us to the infinite.


This potent two-day workshop uses the breath as an entry point to settle the nervous system and dive deeply into your own internal terrain - activate the body’s natural healing, promote self-exploration, release tension, trauma, stuck emotions, old beliefs and awaken that deep, wise and eternal voice inside.

We do this by tenderly touching those parts of ourselves that need to be seen, released, and bringing them back into love.

Using the breath, we dive deeply into sacred stillness and a journey of sensual, somatic breathwork practices, ceremony, womb-heart openings, and cleansing rituals.

The invitation here is for you to step into a tender space to move back to your centre.