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Yoni, Shakti and Jade Egg Initiation ( Workshop)

This Yoni, Shakti and Jade Egg Initiation is designed for all women wanting to authentically take time for yourself and dive into your own inner terrain, connect back to your body and unlock the potential of who you are at the core of your feminine, sensual, and sexual (life force) potential.
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Yoni, Shakti and Jade Egg Initiation ( Workshop)

Time & Location

18 Apr, 2:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Soul Space Brisbane, 23 Parker St, Newmarket QLD 4051, Australia

About the Event

About the Workshop

This Yoni, Shakti and Jade Egg Initiation is designed for all women wanting to authentically take time for yourself and dive into your own inner terrain, connect back to your body and unlock the potential of who you are at the core of your feminine, sensual, and sexual (life force) potential. From this place, life flows: creativity, intuition, abundance, sovereignty, choice. In fact, this is every woman’s birthright to reclaim.

In Sanskrit, the vagina or vulva is called yoni and loosely translates to ‘sacred space’ or ‘source of life’. For most women, we do not know what it feels like to have a fully healed, whole yoni – to live in bliss, pleasure, trust and intuition. More often than not we live with a closed, numb, and untrusting yoni. We carry shame and wounding, a personal or collective history of abuse, a distorted view of what a yoni is, and does. And that can all stop here. This is a tender healing journey, opening to the ancient hidden mysteries of the yoniverse, a reclamation of sensuality pleasure and sexual energy.

When women (you) heal your yoni, you heal the collective yoni…the collective consciousness of women. That is our work and our intention of this workshop. To begin the gentle process of unfolding your own relationship with your yoni and seeing what needs to be healed, to sit in stillness and listen to the whispers of your yoni’s voice, to move into embodiment practices that cultivate power and pleasure.

                                                "The way we view our yoni, is the way we view the world."

And for mothers, when we have a healed yoni we can also pass this healing and knowledge down to our children.

In the first half of this workshop we explore:

  • The real anatomy of the yoni (what we didn’t learn at school or from our families).
  • The anatomy of pleasure.
  • Embodiment practices transforming the way you see yourself as a woman and your Yoni.
  • Learn about pleasure, sensation, and orgasm – that most women don’t know.
  • Enjoy a space where the mysteries of the yoni are demystified, and conversations are honest, open and engaging.

The second half of this workshop we explore shakti (life force energy) and a Jade Egg initiation and practice.

Emerging from ancient China, the Jade Egg is one of the many gifts that the Taoist traditions passed on to us. From this tradition stems ancient wisdom and a powerful sacred ritual used for enhancing physical, emotional and spiritual health.

This practice has the potential to:

  • Connect you with your body and your sacred feminine essence.
  • Awaken your innate and authentic sensuality and desire. 
  • Cultivate more creative and sexual energy, passion, and vitality.
  • Strengthen your pelvic floor muscles for a strong yet relaxed yoni.
  • Cultivate a practice of self-care and self-love.
  • Experience pleasure, intimacy and connection at a deeper, more intimate level.
  • Develop a deeper intimacy and connection with yourself (or with another).

‘I’ve witnessed women begin the jade egg practice from a space of disconnection and judgment around their body and  sexuality and transform this into a celebration and an honouring of themselves’. (Dr Sarah Lantz - Sacred Women’s Way)

This workshop will include:

  • Conscious meditation practices to deeply unite you and your heart, your yoni and your sexual energy.
  • Powerful and tender body and heart experiences you dive gently into your feminine love energy and access your innate erotic intelligence.
  • Embodiment practices to increase awareness of body sensations, sexual sensations and connection to your body while developing sensitivity and conscious awareness.
  • A Jade Egg initiation ritual to activate your Egg and connect you, and your life force, to your egg.
  • Essential embodiment practices and breath-centred meditations for wholeness and sacred sensuality.

Please note: We view the body as a sacred temple and the embodiment practices are gentle and nurturing. This sacred work is healing work. Soft. Gentle. Tender.

Who will this workshop benefit? 

This workshop is for all women who feel ready for a greater and deeper connection to self - your soul, your sensuality, and your innate sexuality energy. You will benefit from the workshop whether or not you have already used a Jade Egg or if this is new self-care practice.

Women who are pregnant, post-birth and who have any internal medical or health issue are more than welcome to attend the workshop but should not begin the Jade Egg practice until their circumstances have changed. You will still experience all the practices of the workshop, just without using the Jade Egg.

Handouts will also be provided for at home practice.

This workshop is sacred women's work held in a safe, tender container. Please bring your own Yoni Egg if you have one, or if you do not have one, please purchase one on our website or when making a booking for the workshop, or at the workshop itself. Just let us know.

Organic snacks and teas and drinks will be provided. If you require more information please connect with us on email:

* This workshop has limited numbers, so please book promptly if you are feeling called. We look forward to sharing this beautiful day of meditation and inner wisdom with you.

About our Nephrite Jade Egg

Our Eggs are beautifully handcrafted and made exclusively for The Sacred Women’s Way. Used by women to increase sexual energy and pleasure, the Nephrite Jade stone helps connect the second chakra (the heart) and yoni for optimal self-love and well-being. Please be sure to follow the instructions included with your egg or provided at your workshop.  Our Nephrite Jade Eggs are the most pure and dense Jade available. It is perfect for general egg practices - strengthening, resensitising, and developing pleasure and orgasmic capacity.  The jade egg comes horizontally drilled at the smaller end for easy stringing and cleaning. Made without any chemical treatment or dyeing and hand crafted and polished to give it a beautiful lustrous finish. Each egg is an individual piece of beauty and art, just for you.

Medium: Approx. 30mm x 40mm  Eggs are pre-drilled for stringing.  We have packaged your Jade Egg in a beautiful pouch and included some dye free silk for stringing. We recommend using similar thread or unwaxed dental floss when this string is finished. We are proud to offer GIA (Gemological Institute of America) Certified Nephrite Jade Yoni Eggs with a certificate of authenticity.

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