Our annual 4 full day (4 night) transformational experience of healing and remembering

There is an innate wisdom in women. All women. A voice. Deep, deep inside. As old and as wise as the universe itself. Soft. Tender. Loving. Powerful. And yet for most of us – she is silent and unknown to us. Sometimes just a sweet whisper in the wind, trying to wave you down, but underneath a lifetime (and ancestral linage) of fears, limited beliefs, splintered and wounded femininity, she, most of the time, goes unheard.


Yet, when we begin to cultivate inner stillness and embody our body, we begin to feel more, and as we feel more, we heal more. We release all that is not love within ourselves, cleaning out those aspects that do not serve us anymore. The stuckness. The limited beliefs. The hurt.  And when we do this, the louder, more responsive and clear our internal voice becomes. 


Awakening (and remembering) our inner voice gives us, as women, our holy power, our wholeness of being. This voice knows all the answers you seek and once connected with her, you will never need to look outside of yourself for answers ever again. Hear her, honour her, and your soul path and purpose unfolds.


This 4 full-day Immersion is for women who are called to authentically heal, transform, and awaken that deep, tender, wise voice inside - your higher self – your higher potential. We do this by delicately and tenderly touching those parts of ourselves that need to be seen, released, and bringing them back into love. We dive deeply into sacred stillness and silence: a journey of sensual, somatic meditation practices, ceremony, vibrational medicine, movement and breathwork. 

This immersion is for women who feel ready to:
  • Free yourself from the busyness of life, soften, and embody your body

  • Move into silence and stillness in order to hear the echoes of your womb’s voice and your souls deepest desires

  • Release limiting beliefs, stuck emotions and energy through embodiment practices and rituals

  • Connect with vibrational medicine to release that which does not serve you anymore

  • Cultivate practices that support and care for your own inner-child

  • Sensually experience your body as your sacred temple

  • Integrate, heal, and awaken the deepest desires that are ready to emerge in a circle of sisters. 

We all hold the key to self-sovereignty, peace, pleasure, power and purpose within us. 


This immersion is for women ready to do some transformational healing. It's not a retreat filled with fluff. There's too much of that already. 
We are ready to support you in diving deep into your self, and healing all that is in the way of what you desire. This is soul-deep work that will cause positive ripples into every area of your life…
The retreat offers the opportunity to reconnect with the feminine self that naturally and innately resides in your body and to find a new place of safety, trust and surrender. There is also a safe and tender space to begin seeing and healing those parts of yourself that feel wounded and betrayed - to release all that which is not serving you and limiting your soul’s deepest intimate desires. 


Attending Sarah’s Divine Feminine Awakening Retreat has been such a soulful experience for me. Sarah was very attentive in the lead up, throughout and in the follow up to the retreat. The many beautiful and profound processes she guided us through provided deep emotional releases. The accommodation luxurious. The food nourishing and delicious. The divine connection with self and other amazing women were the biggest gifts of all.  This kind of self-discovery is something I recommend to every woman. Go deep. Release. Relax into your true self and discover the beauty and love within.  Sarah’s guidance and support flows from love. Take that step inwards today. 

~ Cassie ~


For women who are just starting on their journey or women who are already on the path, Sarah is a beautiful, skilled soul who will give a hand to help you go where you need to go. This is big, life changing work with so much love and soul.  Thank you so much.



It's hard to put the Retreat into words. During retreat, you receive permission to feel, explore and open. Never once did I feel pressured to partake in anything. I felt empowered knowing and feeling that it was my own work, and my own journey.  I felt supported before the retreat had even started. I am so grateful for the guidance of the facilitators. My heart encourages others to gift this time to themselves. I highly recommend it. 



Choosing a space for deep soul healing is no easy feat. We were thrilled to find The House in the Sky Retreat. This homestead is located in the beautiful Gold Coast Hinterland offering magnificent coast and city views.


Wake up at The House in the Sky and take in the sunrise and all mother Gaia has to offer: watch the mist roll over the hills and into the valley beneath; all whilst being serenaded by Kookaburras and native birdlife. Take your organic meals to eat under the Jacaranda trees, stroll through the grounds or go Kangaroo, Koala or Kookaburra spotting. 

The beautiful House in the Sky offers many inside and outside nooks and crannies for women to recede into privacy or simply sit in stillness watching the sweeping views and changing weather. The space offers multiple spaces to connect with ourselves and each other as we conduct our ceremonies and rituals and listen for our ancestral wisdom.

House in the Sky Retreat is located in Tallai, only a 10 minute drive from Robina Town Centre or 1 hour south of Brisbane.


May 21st - 24th, 2020
  • 4 nights’ accommodation (Thursday - Monday morning)  in a shared or private room at the beautiful House in the Sky in the Gold Coast Hinterland*

  • All organic, vegetarian meals during your stay, prepared fresh each day by our chef, using local ingredients from Spray-Free Farmacy and local farmers.

  • A Sacred Women’s Way self-care pack.

  • A sacred, healing, nurturing, yet invigorating journey encompassing ritual, initiation, meditation, yoga, embodiment practices, group integration, and solo investigation in a beautiful, safe container held by experienced facilitators.

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