• Dr Sarah Lantz


As we welcome the new year I feel an intimacy with the fires on the South Coast of NSW. From the end of the street, my family and I watch the heat, smoke and ash, the burn, the scorch, the blaze of the forest. Meeting the intensity of Mother Gaia in this way is strikingly sobering.

‘We are living in unprecedented times’, I have often heard myself saying and will probably keep saying it, because we are. It's an exciting and terrifying and formidable time. Being amongst the intensity of fires is a reminder that we too are born of Nature. We too are Elemental. We too are the waves of heat and energy in motion. What matters most is how well we walk through the fire, and when we come together, that we too are capable of transmitting a fierce force of heat and healing. We are at a time where we are simultaneously witnessing both the numbing out and the awakening of humanity. What are you up for in 2020?

I’m up for Waking Up. Waking in. Waking Out. Let’s not tippy toe in the shallows any longer. Because its time! I say, dive in, you might as well, you’re already in anyway. Let’s just be conscious and intentional about it. I’m here to do deep work and to summons all those who are committed to that too. Will you lean into ‘the work’ with me dear ones? I want to know how the world talks to you and what you are here to share with us. What gifts you hold within. The invitation is to come into deep, divine intimacy with yourself, a divine pilgrimage into the pristine terrain of your being and breath and towards the mystery that weaves inside.

And whilst I know it feel sometimes scary to step into this space and to come face to face with your inner workings, I can also assure you, that once you’re in, it’s also so intoxicatingly beautiful and safe to be in.

Perhaps my musing today as the flames burn around me, is that it’s not just the light or the gentle shower we need to wake up, but maybe right now we need the fire, the thunder, the storm, the blaze to ignite our charge and catalyse our change.

Blessings to you on this New Year. What are you ready to awaken this new year?

Words by Dr Sarah Lantz

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