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Leaning into our shadows in order to heal can feel turbulent. The seas of my life today, in this moment, are wild and chaotic, dark and uncomfortable. I wish I can take back my secret prayers and calls for change. I want to put back the comfortable existence I once had. Transforming who I was, to who I am now, has the tendency to do that. Learning to hold myself in self-love through these times –these preciously, painful, turbulent human times –are what I’m all about. I remind myself that the deepest part of my soul has been longing for this change –to dance with a new reality. Today with my breath as my companion, I’m going to begin to walk into the places I fear and let the change spill into me. With each small step into the darkness, I'm also going to bring light....til its luminous...however long that takes.

Words by DrSarahLantz


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