• Dr Sarah Lantz


Quiet our incessant seeking? Soothe our quarrelling thoughts? Show up for ourselves each and every day? RITUAL AND ROUTINE. What I know with certain, is that something ignites in all of us when we live with ritual and routine. To make ritual means to hold ourselves, our lives, as sacred. That each moment is blessed with the capability and possibility of putting simple everyday doings into a divine space. To make sacred, is to illuminate our daily doings. To use our sacred hands to light a candle, lift our face to the morning sun, smudge sage, invite intention, clear space for ourselves, drink morning tea with our lover, pray, read, sit in stillness, hear the silence. Everyday doings, held in ritual, help move us from heart contraction to soul expansion, holding the potential to summon potent powers and incite mighty winds of change. What I know, is that what we give love and attention to, grows and flows. Our world shifts with all that we focus on, lifting us above our limited beliefs and wounded hearts. And commitment and routine to what is good, just works…then continuing under all circumstances. Something moves when we consistently show up for ourselves. It loosens hardened and stuck places, opening the door for a new reality to emerge, for isn’t this what our soul has been longing for –to dance with an expanded reality. With my breath as my companion, it can move us towards our freedom. And when we touch that place of freedom, even for a moment, we can say thank you to that higher place that gave us life, crafted our souls. To know that we are being held and sustained by unseen forces is to invite in the greatest mystery of all –our one precious life. Words @Dr Sarah Lantz www.sacredwomensway.com.au #sacredwomensway #rise #tantra #womensmeditation#womenscircle #polarity #divinefeminine #awakenedmasculine #transformation #holyunion #yoniverseworkshop #wombwisdom#womenhealing #sacredunion #sacredsexualuty #love#consciousrelationship

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