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With the launch of our new retreats and workshops schedule, I’ve been asked a lot about how we operate – hold space, deal with trauma, actually find authentic voice and soul truth.

And this is what I say….

There are a lot of workshops and retreats out there that go for the dramatic performance, promise the huge cathartic releases, step you into wildly confronting experiences and promise colossal outcomes…. been there, done that. I’ve certainly done my fair share of walking across hot coals, shaking my body for hours, taking teas and tinctures to help me access the great divine, pushed and pushed…. and I have no regrets for any of these experiences.

BUT what I have learnt along my soul growth journey is that unless you can provide a vastly safe and secure container, with ongoing support, I’m definitely not diving in anymore.

I have seen vast rips and gashes in another’s experiences, their emotional state, which they often do not know how to work with post retreat. Sometimes I have witnessed just another wound added to an already wounded soul trying desperately to unwound themselves.

If I’ve learnt anything from being a mother, teacher, practioner and being supported, trained and nourished by my elders, is that that less is more. I’m all about the gentle, the relatable, and the intergratable. Because, guess what? Your body also wants this. So does your heart. So does your soul.

Only with safety, trust and ease can we expand our own boundaries and see all that is not in alignment with who we truly are. We don’t need wild and dramatic performances – which sometimes has its place, don’t get me wrong - women can and do have immense releases when they work with me in a workshop or retreat – I hold a vast container for this to take place, but the point is, this not the point of the workshop.

Our desire here at Scared Women’s Way is that you leave our workshops feeling like you love more of you, that there is nothing ‘wrong’ with you, never was, and that you know how to practically move through and continue loving more of yourself, and, in turn, love the world more.

Safety is sexy. Slow is saucy. Gentle has grace. And there is innate strength, wisdom and beauty in softness and stillness. This is where we heal, where we can hear our own inner voices, our own inner souls’ truths.

So, if you’re looking for a safe haven to touch those parts of yourself that need to be brought into love, and release that which does not serve you any more…if you’re looking for grounded, embodied practices, awakening and opening dialogues, embodying rituals that support you in your life – join us dear ones. We are all about sustainable, slow-burn practices that rearrange the fabric of your reality and existence overtime so that you are living your ultimate love, know your soul’s purpose and begin to live a life drenched in pleasure. Workshops and Retreats can be made here: www.sacredwomensway.com.au Words @DrSarahLantz

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