• Dr Sarah Lantz


I was asked yesterday about how the Sacred Women’s Work is different (or the same) as the positivity field which works on changing limiting thoughts and behaviours. Great question! In a nut shell –what is often missed in the positivity field is the inherent and important need to feel…to sink down into, and tenderly embrace, feelings. Humans (We) are inherently feeling beings – and our world/schools/businesses/families/religions have tried to repress this innate(ness) in all of us. To feel is our nature and feelings are as naturally arising as the waves on the shores of the ocean. When a feeling arises, it is not meant to be repressed or suppressed by a thought or by force or will. It is the precious voice of our soul calling out to be witnessed, felt and often released. And when we work with feelings –all feelings–in a safe container, we come into more healing, wholeness and freedom. Feelings exist to be felt. To feel is to heal, dear ones.

Words by Dr Sarah Lantz www.sacredwomensway.com.au

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