• Dr Sarah Lantz


The first thing about being woman is that you have a direct link, a stream of consciousness, to the divine feminine. A force and an essence so immensely powerful that people in the past have tried to suppress, control and lock it away. But this divine essence is our birthright and runs through us all when we take the time and drop into its essence. You know it’s there, don’t pretend that it doesn’t. Take the time now, in this moment, to drop inside and connect with her. Place one hand on your heart and one hand on your womb. Breath. Feel your heart beat. Feel your womb beat. Come home to yourself. It is from this place that the unshakeable power of sovereignty and truth resides. And from this place, magic can happen. Wholeness. Healing. Bliss. Drop in.

Words by DrSarahLantz


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