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Updated: Apr 19, 2020

Change is here. No doubt about that. There is some big-ass transformation going on. Why? Because it’s just time...and this is how it’s showing up.

Much of what we reach for outside of ourselves, what we have thought will keep us safe and secure, is falling away. And in this, fear and vulnerability comes bounding fourth.

It’s mostly not comfortable occupying these spaces.

There’s no control. No clear trajectory. A desperate clinging to the idea that we should quickly put back the old pieces, for in this moment they feel more comfortable than what is here right now.

Change has that inescapable feeling of breaking inside, knowing full well we cannot go back.

AND, when we can no longer reach for external circumstance for safety and security, we have these vital openings where we can get up close and personal with our own vulnerabilities. This is where we get the chance to explore uncharted emotional terrains and build ourselves anew.

Learning to receive ALL of ourselves in these times – these precious, achingly turbulent times – is our practice at the moment. It has the potential to loosen previously hardened and stuck places, internal wounding’s, and open the door for a new reality to emerge – for isn’t this what our soul has been longing for –to dance with an expanded reality.

How directly in this time we are asked to fully anchor ourselves in our own resources and sovereignty. How directly we are currently afforded the time and space to redefine our own meaningful HOME life. What rhythms are you creating in your new daily routines that allow for connection, creativity, and authentic expression? What is most meaningful and true for you at this time?

Like many of you, I remind myself that the deepest part of my soul has been longing for change – to mingle with a new reality. And here it is!

With your breath as your companion, I urge you to walk into the places of fear and hurt. Allow the breaking in, and let change spill into you. It’s through leaning into this uncertainty that we can open, expand and dance with something new within ourselves.

Words @DrSarahLantz

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